OnStar Business Solutions: Arun’s story

Arun Rajagopalan, CEO and co-founder of API provider Motorq

OnStar Business Solutions: Arun’s story

Arun Rajagopalan, CEO and co-founder of API provider Motorq


Business Solutions — including API, Data Services, In-Vehicle Coaching and Vehicle Diagnostics — and answers to the number one question

As much as our Members love powerful OnStar® Wi-Fi® Hotspots,* that’s not their focus. Instead, the number one question for fleet managers at any given point in the day is “Where are all the vehicles?” Not only do managers need to know where their vehicles are, but they also need to know where they’re going and how the drivers are driving. They also need to be alerted if any are having issues. Motorq is an API and machine learning vehicle software company that helps answer those questions for customers. 

By utilizing data sets from OnStar and the built-in GM vehicle technology, Motorq can solve problems and avoid future issues through In-Vehicle Coaching,* Vehicle Diagnostics* and driver performance data. 

The capabilities of both API providers and the OnStar data sets that help power them to improve year over year. Data sets are becoming more detailed and nuanced and are exchanged more frequently, which allows for real-time insights. With this momentum, we look forward to a future that continues to grow more connected and simple to operate at the same time.

See our current list of API providers to find the right match for your business needs. 

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Your next move?
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  • Service varies with conditions and location. Requires active service plan and paid AT&T data plan. Check here for details and limitations. Vehicle must be on or in the accessory position for Wi-Fi to function.

  • In-Vehicle Coaching’s posted speed monitoring feature will be disabled for any vehicle whose infotainment system privacy settings are set to mask the vehicle’s location. Vehicles must have the latest software in order to maximize connected services. Software updates can be installed via Over-the-Air updates or by visiting a GM dealership.

  • Diagnostic capabilities vary by model and plan. Message and data rates may apply. Requires contact method on file and enrollment to receive alerts. Not all issues will deliver alerts. Check here for details and limitations.