OnStar Business Solutions: Steve’s Story

Steve Poulos, CEO, Clean-Aid

OnStar Business Solutions: Steve’s Story

Steve Poulos, CEO, Clean-Aid

Last year, thieves broke into a warehouse in Denver and stole a vehicle from Zerorez® , a local carpet cleaning service.

That vehicle was outfitted with cleaning equipment worth thousands of dollars, but what the bad guys didn’t know — the vehicle also used OnStar Business Solutions.


Within 27 minutes, OnStar® was able to help locate the vehicle and alert the local authorities, who responded to the scene and apprehended the bad guys.*


Zerorez got their van back by 9 a.m. that morning.  

Steve Poulos owns and operates Clean-Aid, the company that supplied the cleaning equipment and vehicle equipped with OnStar to Zerorez. Clean-Aid is and always has been a family business — though they manage large fleets of up to 500 vehicles. And because Steve knows his clients deal with challenges every day, he ensures all of his vehicles use OnStar Business Solutions.


Says Steve, regarding the Zerorez incident, “We’re talking $150,000. More importantly, this is a man’s livelihood.”


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