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Your Checklist for a Joyful and Safe Holiday Season

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Just like Santa makes a list every year, OnStar has created a list to help you prepare for the holiday season

The holidays are finally here, with many looking forward to celebrating the Christmas season. We all love to drink hot chocolate, decorate our homes and open gifts. But we also have to remember to plan for the unexpected. From locating Santa to avoiding winter driving pitfalls, OnStar*1 has four ways to make sure Members are ready for the season of joy.

Follow Santa’s journey

Make Christmas Eve with your kids even more memorable by following Santa and his reindeer as he journeys across the world spreading presents and joy. Members and their families can push the blue OnStar button to discover the location of Santa and how close he is to delivering presents under their tree. It’s all thanks to a partnership between OnStar and NORAD, which has tracked Santa’s journey since 1955. You can check in on Santa from 6 a.m. EST Christmas Eve until 5 a.m. EST Christmas Day. Best of all, every time an OnStar Member in Canada pushes the blue OnStar button to find Santa, OnStar will donate US$1 to the Canadian Red Cross, up to a maximum donation of US$3,000.*47

Prepare for winter driving

Santa makes sure his sleigh and reindeer are ready and in tiptop shape to deliver presents; you should do the same for your vehicle — especially in cold Canadian temperatures. Before heading out to buy groceries for your family dinner or taking a drive to see the beautiful holiday light displays, there are checks you can do to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter weather. For instance, check your tire pressure weekly with a tire pressure gauge or through your vehicle mobile app*20 (requires paid Remote Access Plan*2 and a properly equipped vehicle), and ensure your windshield wipers are working properly and all your vehicle’s fluids are topped off. Additionally, keep emergency preparedness supplies in your vehicle, including a first-aid kit, LED road flares and warm clothing.

And don’t let running out of gas, a flat tire or a dead battery ruin your holiday mood — not when OnStar offers Roadside Assistance,*13 where an Advisor can connect you with local service providers to help. In case of an emergency, an Emergency-Certified Advisor*41 can contact emergency service providers and offer critical assistance until they arrive.

Add the OnStar Guardian app

This holiday season, you and your loved ones can take key OnStar safety services virtually everywhere you go — even if you’re not in your vehicle — with the OnStar Guardian™ app.*58 Whether it’s making sure grandma is safe behind the wheel on the way to, well, grandma’s house or allowing your teen drivers to share their location,*60 the Guardian app makes for the perfect gift for your loved ones. With a paid Guardian plan, simply download the app and then add up to seven family members*66 to your account.

Plan for responsible celebrations

Holiday celebrations may look a little different this year, but just like every year, it’s important to celebrate safely. No matter how thorough your list is this year, don’t forget OnStar can add peace of mind and extra joy to your holidays — especially when the unexpected happens. So make your list, check it twice and remember OnStar is there to help keep you safe this holiday season.