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We believe you should be safe out there, anywhere

Whether it’s an unthinkable crash, a crisis, your teen’s first solo drive or an aging parent — we are here. Stepping up for people in need is at the heart of OnStar®. For 25 years, we’ve worked with organizations that share this mission to make a greater difference together.


On the Road

Automatic Crash Response is designed to connect you to an OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisor. Once connected, they will relay data to First Responders and provide crucial medical instruction until help arrives.


OnStar works with the International Association of Fire Chiefs by sharing crash data and supporting educational programs for First Responders.



In Any Vehicle

Getting a driver’s licence is exciting. While parents are proud, it still comes with a fair share of worry. Thanks to Mobile Crash Response on the OnStar Guardian™ app, you have added peace of mind knowing your kids aren’t alone when they’re out on their own.





In a Crisis

Natural disasters are stressful — the places we know best can change in an instant. Crisis Assist steps in to guide Members to safety and contact family members if communication networks are down.


In times of crisis, OnStar provides Members complimentary Crisis Assist services. We also contribute emergency response funding to the Canadian Red Cross to be there for those most in need.



For Your Family

Caring for an aging loved one is challenging, and that challenge is compounded for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. OnStar Guardian helps you rest easier and keep track of what matters most with family member location sharing.




Helping more by working together

The relationships we’ve created make it possible to help people in more ways all across the country.

International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)

The International Association of Fire Chiefs represents the leadership of emergency services, fire-rescue and EMS personnel. OnStar supports these efforts to educate and train First Responders so our heroes continue to perform at their best when we need them most.

Learn more about the important work of the IAFC.

Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross responds to emergencies in Canada every single day, provides first aid and safety training, and supports community health and wellness programs. The Canadian Red Cross helps people and communities in Canada and around the world in times of need and supports them in strengthening their resilience. OnStar is a proud supporter of the Canadian Red Cross.

Give to the Canadian Red Cross and help today.

Find the plan that fits your needs

Safety services are included in several of our plans. Explore which one is the right fit for you.