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The OnStar Guardian App

Now for anyone in any vehicle

Key OnStar safety services on your smartphone

OnStar® is a name that has stood for safety for 25 years. With the OnStar Guardian™ app, you and your family can take that trust and experience on your phones anywhere you go.

OnStar Safety & Security Members now have OnStar Guardian as part of their plan. Don’t own a GM vehicle? You can try it for up to 3 months on us,*74 and after that, it is only $15 a month — and you can share it with up to 7 loved ones at no additional charge.

Download OnStar Guardian today

You want to protect your family. OnStar Guardian can help — in any vehicle, anywhere

58Mobile Crash Response*

The app is designed to use smartphone sensors to detect crashes and alert Emergency-Certified Advisors.*41 They can call you and can contact First Responders, providing them with your location.

61Roadside Assistance*

You and your loved ones can get assistance with a battery charge, lockout or flat tire — even get fuel delivered if the tank is empty.

Emergency Services*70

OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisors are available 24/7. They can assess a situation, provide guidance and contact First Responders for you and your loved ones.

60Location Status*

See one another on a live map, share and save locations, even get notifications when they leave for or arrive at their destination — so you’ll know when they get there safely. It’s an easy and convenient way to stay up to date on your loved ones’ whereabouts.
Get OnStar Guardian today

Need a download link? Text “OnStar” to 56000.

Want to know more? Click here to view FAQs­­­.

Learn more about the services included with the Guardian app

“Someone is always watching out for him.” — Brian Rhode

Helping the Rhode family stay close in a crash

Find the plan that fits your needs

The Guardian app is included in several of our plans. Explore which plan is right for you.

  • Available in the Safety & Security Plan

    Get help in a crash, vehicle theft or an emergency situation, and share key safety services with the OnStar Guardian app.

  • Available in the Essentials Plan

    Enjoy the control of remote commands with Remote Access. Plus, get added peace of mind with OnStar Safety & Security.

  • Available in the Premium Plan

    Enjoy it all with remote commands, In-Vehicle Apps, 2GB of data and the full suite of OnStar Safety & Security services.

  • Available to Non-GM Owners

    Help in a crash, Roadside Assistance and access to Advisors anywhere you go, for any family member, all on your phone.