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Be Safe Out There

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OnStar helps you drive with added confidence, and is designed to have someone help you in your time of need

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The unexpected can happen at any time. When it does, the last thing you want is to be alone.
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Be prepared for the unexpected

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You don’t usually get much warning before an emergency happens, and you don’t get to go back and make sure you’re adequately prepared to deal with it. But OnStar can help provide peace of mind out on the road. On the other end of that ubiquitous OnStar button is an Emergency Medical Dispatch–certified Advisor*18 who is ready to assist, even when you can’t call for help yourself.*2 Find out more about how OnStar can be there for you.




A host of benefits to make your life easier and more secure.


A Labor of Love: OnStar Advisor Awarded for Her Dedication to Our Members

Letisha Ghanbari gives a whole new meaning to special delivery.


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