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Get the Future of Driving with Super Cruise
Hands-free driving is here

Super Cruise*91 brings you an innovative set of features that may change the way you commute.

  • Enjoy the convenience and simplicity of hands-free, eyes-on-the-road driving on over 320,000 KM*92 of divided and compatible highways in Canada and the U.S.
  • Your hands are free to rest in your lap while the innovative Driver Attention System makes sure your focus remains on the roads. Precision is key.
  • Land Change on Demand allows your vehicle to change lanes while Super Cruise is active. If this feature is equipped, activating the turn signal prompts the indicated lane changes is imminent. If the indicated lane is determined to be open the vehicle will merge into intended lane.

It’s time to enjoy the future of driving. Get the Super Cruise Plan and continue the convenience of hands-free commuting.

The future of driving is easy to use, easy to own

Add Super Cruise to your commute.

Keeping You Connected to What’s Current

Super Cruise can help you stay in with the road. Your vehicle gets real-time information that helps the cameras, sensors and GPS keep the vehicle centered in its land while driving hands-free. Your commute will never be the same.

Do you Super Cruise?

Tell us how you use the future of driving.