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Emergency Services

The unexpected is never too far away. Whether you’re in a crash, having a medical emergency, or need critical assistance, OnStar Advisors will be available to help. If you're caught in severe weather or a natural disaster, Crisis Assist*12 can provide special routing assistance and help you locate shelter and resources. If you’re stranded, run out of gas, have a flat tire or need a tow truck, Roadside Assistance*13 can help get you back on the road. We also encourage our Members to be Good Samaritans and send help to others on the road when they need it. Our specially trained Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Advisors*41 can give certain medical instructions in the event of an emergency.

+ Trained OnStar Advisors have been specifically trained to quickly determine the nature and priority of the call, dispatch the appropriate response, and then give the caller instructions to manage the situation until the responding EMS unit arrives.

A Labor of Love: OnStar Advisor Awarded for Her Dedication to Our Members

Letisha Ghanbari gives a whole new meaning to special delivery.



OnStar Safety & Security Plan

Experience the safety and security of driving with OnStar

Safety & Security

Our Safety & Security Plan is for drivers who understand the power of the unpredictable. The plan offers simple tools to help you be a smarter driver.