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OnStar and Connected Services help you get the most out of your vehicle with safety, security and the seamless experience of a connected drive.

More Confidence, More Connectivity

There’s something to meet the needs of every driver and their family. Upgrade your drive and get the safety and connection you and your passengers deserve.

Included with Vehicle Purchase
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    Monitors some of your vehicle’s key operating systems, and provides you with updates about certain aspects of your vehicle’s health.
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    Your vehicle can notify your preferred Dealer when certain routine service is due.
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    Your vehicle, if properly equipped, is designed to conduct a self-check of certain key systems and notify you of potential issues in real time before they become major issues.
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    With your vehicle mobile app, you can check out your Owner’s Manual, schedule and track service, request and track Roadside Assistance, and view how-to videos.

There are also a variety of stand-alone plans and services to create your own combinations.

  • With your vehicle mobile app, you can start your engine, check your estimated fuel level and tire pressure, save and set radio station favourites, and much more — all from your smartphone.

    BUY NOW $14.99/mo
  • With the OnStar Guardian app, anyone can take key safety services with them virtually anywhere. And best of all, they can share these services with up to 7 loved ones. Subscribe to the app today and get up to 3 months on us.*74

  • In-Vehicle Data

    Whether you only need to check a few emails or keep the kids entertained, we have data plans*26a to meet your needs.

    BUY NOW Starting at $15/mo
Unlock the Ultimate In-Vehicle Experience

No cords necessary for all the entertainment and convenience you could ask for. The all-new Maps+ comes together with your favourite apps to enhance your driving experience.