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OnStar Advisors are available 24/7 to help when the unexpected happens

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OnStar has over 20 years of experience delivering in-vehicle safety and security services backed by a human connection. Explore the available OnStar Services.

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Crashes happen, OnStar can help

Timing is everything in the moments after a collision. If you’re in a crash, built-in sensors are designed to automatically connect an OnStar Advisor to your vehicle — even if you aren’t able to call for help yourself.


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In an emergency, OnStar is there for you

One push of the red Emergency button will attempt to establish a priority connection to an Emergency-certified Advisor who can direct emergency service providers to your location and offer certain assistance until help arrives.


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When trouble happens, OnStar helps keep you moving

Uncertainty on the road can turn a bad situation worse. If you’re stranded, have a flat tire, run out of gas, or need a tow, an OnStar Advisor will attempt to dispatch a local service provider to get you the help you need.



The assistance you want in an emergency

In the event of severe weather, a natural disaster or other crisis, OnStar Advisors can provide critical assistance, helping Members find their way to safety and stay in contact with loved ones.


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OnStar can help you recover your vehicle

If your vehicle is stolen, OnStar can use GPS technology designed to help locate your vehicle and work with local authorities to help recover it.


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Simple navigation with the push of a button

OnStar helps you with simple and easily accessible Turn-by-Turn Navigation. Getting directions is as easy as pushing your blue OnStar button and telling an Advisor where you want to go.


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OnStar Safety & Security Plan

Experience the safety and security of driving with OnStar

Safety & Security

Our Safety & Security Plan is for drivers who understand the power of the unpredictable. The plan offers simple tools to help you be a smarter driver.