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A Commitment to Helping Others

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Working together to create better communities

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From families who rely on OnStar for their daily commute to the Good Samaritans who don’t hesitate to push their OnStar button when they see someone in need, OnStar has helped drivers stay safe, connected and ready for the road ahead for more than 20 years. And in return, you've helped build a community: a community of Members, Advisors, first responders and Good Samaritans who all share one goal — to make every journey amazing.

But while we work tirelessly every day to ensure that our Members stay safe and connected out on the road, our commitment to helping others goes far beyond that. It’s why we’ve worked with first responders and other safety organizations since we started, why we honour those Good Samaritans who use OnStar to help others in need and why we give back to those who have already given so much. Because we believe that the best communities are those where people look out for each other.



5 Things You Should Know about Crisis Assist

OnStar Crisis Assist is there for you when you need help quickly, regardless of where you live or travel.