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Drive a 2006 or newer vehicle? If equipped with OnStar 3G (no Wi-Fi®) or 4G LTE (with Wi-Fi®) system, your vehicle may qualify for a 3 Months On Us trial*15 of the OnStar Guidance Plan (excluding Hands-Free Calling minutes), which includes a comprehensive suite of OnStar services. 4G LTE equipped vehicles also receive a 3 GB or 3-month data plan trial, whichever comes first. Here are some of the available services (available services vary by vehicle):

  • OnStar Emergency Services: Never worry while on the road. Also includes Automatic Crash Response.*2
  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance*4: To help quickly recover your vehicle should it be stolen.
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation*6: To guide you every step of the way with easy-to-follow voice commands.
  • Advanced Diagnostics*10: To keep you in the loop on some of your vehicle's needs. OnStar can run a check on some of your vehicle's key systems. Enroll in the following notifications and remain on top of your vehicle’s health:
    • Diagnostics Report: OnStar will send you a monthly Diagnostics Report email, letting you know if maintenance is needed on those systems.
    • Diagnostic Alerts and Proactive Alerts: You can be notified of your vehicle's health in real time by email or text, based on your communication preference.
    • Dealer Maintenance Notification: Your vehicle will send a Diagnostics Report to your preferred Dealer who can contact you to schedule service.
  • Remote Access*12: Remotely start your vehicle, lock and unlock the doors and activate the horn and lights, all from your vehicle’s mobile app.*13

After your trial period ends, you can stay connected with the OnStar Basic Plan,*1 or choose a paid service plan, or hand pick add-on services that are right for you.

Simply start the process here — all you'll need is your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Once you have confirmed that your vehicle is eligible, push your blue OnStar button and ask the advisor to activate your 3 Months On Us trial.

Enjoy the services you're entitled to by turning on OnStar. There is no commitment and no obligation to provide payment at any time.

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Explore all OnStar Services

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OnStar Emergency Services protects you and your passengers in the event of an emergency so you get the right help, right when you need it.

Services include Automatic Crash Response, Crisis Assist and Roadside Assistance.*3

OnStar Security services keep your vehicle secure and help authorities quickly and safely recover it.

Services include Stolen Vehicle Slowdown,®*4 Theft Alarm Notification*5 and Remote Ignition Block.™

With OnStar Navigation services, you can easily find your way wherever you’re headed.

Services include Turn-by-Turn Navigation.7

OnStar connects you to the people, information and entertainment you want while you’re on the go so you’re always amazingly connected.

Services include OnStar 4G LTE with built-in Wi‑Fi hotspot.*8

Vehicle Manager
Vehicle Manager helps you manage, maintain and connect to your vehicle.

Services include Advanced Diagnostics and Remote Access.



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