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You Want to Protect Your Family
OnStar Can Help
When you need help, we are here

OnStar Members have different needs when it comes to peace of mind. Whether you’re on the road or off, we have a plan that fits your life. Find the one that suits you best.

OnStar Advisors Are Ready to Help 24/7

Our Emergency-Certified Advisors are available every day, all day. They are specially trained to assist you in a crash, crisis or emergency. A real person, ready to help you.

The OnStar Difference
    • Take safety and security on every drive. Automatic Crash Response*12 uses built-in vehicle sensors designed to detect a crash. An OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisor*41 can send for help — even when you can’t ask for it.
    • Not so fast, car thieves. With Stolen Vehicle Assistance,*14 OnStar Advisors can work with authorities as they attempt to recover stolen vehicles.
    • Get where you’re going safely. With Turn-by-Turn Navigation,*16 push your blue OnStar button to ask an Advisor for points of interest or to download directions to your vehicle.
    • Be prepared for the unexpected with Crisis Assist. Advisors can provide critical assistance and special routing during severe weather and other crises.
    • Request help if you run out of gas, get a flat tire or need a tow. Get Roadside Assistance*13 24/7.

OnStar can keep you in touch with what matters most. And there’s an Advisor ready to help 24/7. See the full suite of benefits — search for your plan today.

See What OnStar Can Offer You

Whatever kind of help you need — in or out of your vehicle — OnStar has a plan to meet your needs. Find the plan for you.

  • Premium Plan

    Get the complete driving experience — safety, security and seamless connectivity.

  • Essentials Plan

    Prepare for the unexpected and get convenient control in or out of your vehicle.

  • OnStar Safety & Security Plan

    The full suite of safety and security services to give you added peace of mind in your vehicle.

  • Connected Vehicle Plan

    Completely connect your vehicle with one convenient plan.

  • OnStar Guardian App

    Key OnStar safety services on your smartphone for anyone, in any vehicle.