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Keeping you connected to the things that matter

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Imagine a vehicle that was never lost

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That was smart enough to identify when it had a potential issue,*10 and could even help make its own maintenance appointments.*10

That could help Advisors predict how severe a crash was*2 and how likely it was to cause life-threatening injuries in order to better assist emergency responders.

That was capable of connecting to the internet — with an in-vehicle Wi-Fi® hotspot*8 that’s fast enough for your passengers to stream movies and videos at high quality.

That could help authorities recover itself*4 if it were ever stolen.

What would you call a vehicle like that?

How about “yours”?

That’s what’s possible when your vehicle has OnStar technology — and a whole lot more.



OnStar Services

OnStar provides the services you need to keep you safe, get you where you’re going and keep you connected


Advanced Diagnostics Paves a More Confident Road Ahead    

People often wonder how to keep their car running smoothly. Learn how OnStar's Advanced Diagnostics is like a money-saving physical exam for your car.


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