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One Month with the OnStar Guardian App

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How three individuals used the OnStar Guardian app to help enrich their active lives and stay connected with their families

For more than 25 years, OnStar*1a Members have enjoyed added peace of mind from being able to contact an Advisor from their vehicle. Now, the OnStar Guardian™ app*82 allows anyone to benefit from key OnStar safety services almost anywhere, right from a compatible smartphone. And, with the ability to share the app with up to seven loved ones,*84 it helps friends and families stay connected too.

That means more freedom to explore, less worrying about family and the ability to focus on the things that matter to you. And you know that OnStar has your back no matter what’s on your agenda; the Guardian app is available nearly any place you take your phone in the U.S. and Canada.

To see how seamlessly the Guardian app can fit into varied lifestyles, we enlisted three people to try the app for a month: Holly Robinson Peete, an actress, philanthropist and mother of four; Kena Peay, a chef who combines her passions for cooking and hiking; and Meghan Joy Yancy, entrepreneur and mother of six.

Learn about their experiences with Guardian, and then download the Guardian app for yourself.

The people featured in this story participated in a paid sponsorship program with OnStar.

Holly Robinson Peete

Between her own travels and the fact that her four kids are all over the country, Holly knows the value in staying connected as a family — a task for which the Guardian app proved invaluable.

“The app has given me another layer of insight into my family’s security,” Holly says. “I have enjoyed learning and seeing what it brings to me.”

Getting her kids set up on the app was a cinch, Holly says. “The family network was pretty much turnkey once everybody got the notification. That was super easy to do.”

Holly found her kids quickly got used to using the Guardian app — especially the ability to see the charge level of other family members’ phones in the My Family feature.

“They’ve loved it. The thing that makes me laugh, though, is when they call me to tell me, ‘Mom! Your phone is at 10 percent!’ because I’m always ragging on them to keep their phones charged.”

Of course, even before the Guardian app launched, Holly’s family knew the benefits of OnStar. A few years ago, when her son RJ was 19, he had to push his blue OnStar button to request Roadside Assistance*17 from his vehicle.

His tire blew out and it scared the heck out of him,” Holly recalls. “The good news was OnStar was there for him and walked him through all of this, and that was so helpful and amazing.

“I literally was just so thankful as a mom that OnStar was there for him.”

In addition to her kids, Holly made sure to set up her mother — who’s 85 years old and still lives independently and drives herself — with the Guardian app. Overall, the app brought added peace of mind to Holly’s busy life.

“That is such a great tool to have in my mommy toolkit,” Holly says of the Guardian app. “It gives you a level of information that you didn’t think you needed, but you find out that you’re really glad that you have.”

Kena Peay

While Kena tried out the Guardian app, she traveled to several national parks in Canada to soak up the beautiful scenery while cooking outdoors, hiking a glacier and even rappelling into a crevasse. Being able to bring key OnStar safety services along in her rental car provided added peace of mind as Kena focused on her travels.

“Because I’m a solo traveler and I’m by myself quite often, this is the extra assurance that someone’s there if I need it,” she says.

Kena became quite familiar with the Roadside Assistance*86 feature within the app and, although she didn’t need to use the service on this trip, she almost had to use it to avert two disasters. Once, she thought she had locked herself out of her vehicle. And another time, Kena wasn’t paying attention to her gas gauge and nearly ran out of fuel.

“When you’re by yourself, having someone that you can reach, outside of your family and friends, is really comforting,” she says of those experiences. “I would have loved to have this six months ago when I blew out a tire. Finding a towing service was really frustrating, and if I had had the Guardian app, that all could have been taken care of for me.”

With the holidays approaching, Kena says she intends to spend time getting her friends and family members to download the app so they can view and share their locations.*85 And as she continues to explore remote trails, she’ll be sure to keep the Guardian app on hand for future adventures.

“Generally, the most beautiful trails are in areas where there are fewer people,” Kena says. “Safety is huge for me. It’s just extra assurance, and that’s always going to be a positive.”

Meghan Joy Yancy

Meghan spends plenty of time on the go, running her business and taking care of family. “Most of my outings are driving in my big old van with my kids, and running errands and going from here to there. That’s just kind of a daily rhythm for us,” she says.

And while Meghan doesn’t have OnStar in her own vehicle, the ability to bring its services along by way of the Guardian app was a huge perk on all those trips.

I have a huge, old conversion van that fits all of us,” she says. “Knowing that OnStar is available as an app on my phone is next-level technology for me.

“I have had times when I’ve broken down on the road — I did not this month, which was good — but to know that I’d have Roadside Assistance, that was really neat.”

Having the ability to contact an Advisor for help, and to share her location with her husband, also helped provide a bit more peace of mind for Meghan as she traveled alone.

“In the past month, I happened to go to two separate events completely by myself — to a place I’d never been before, where I knew nobody,” she says. “It was really great to just have that extra layer of knowing I had the OnStar Guardian app.”

Meghan was also able to set up Guardian on her eldest daughter’s cellphone, so the two of them could stay connected as her daughter went to various activities without mom.

“I really loved the feature of being connected to her,” Meghan says. “And she loved that she could see me, see where I was.”

And when her other kids are ready for phones of their own, Meghan is sure the Guardian app will be a must-have for them too.

“As our kids grow older, and they’re going to be out and about and doing things … being able to have something like this to see where they are or where they’re going, I think this is something that we’d keep using.”

All told, Meghan says the Guardian app was a convenient addition to her busy life and will continue to be a part of her everyday.

“I liked that I got into the car and it said, ‘Ride detected. Guardian is here when you need it.’ It’s so intuitive. It fit in very well with my life because I didn’t have to do a lot — it just went along with what I was doing.”

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