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#BeSafeOutThere, Heroes

Apr 16, 2020

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#BeSafeOutThere, Heroes

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Many of us are staying home these days, doing our part to make social distancing work for everyone’s health and safety. There are heroes still out on the front lines, though, doing the hard work to keep their communities safe and functioning, pandemic or not.

Now you can show your support for these frontline heroes in your own community and give your cooped-up kids a fun project, all at once. Join us in supporting these everyday heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click on any — or all — of the links below to download a print-ready page to color and share.

When your masterpiece is complete, you can help us share it with the world. Post a picture or a video thank-you with your page to social media and tag @OnStar with the hashtag #BeSafeOutThere, and you could be featured on our social channels. Or you can display your support for your neighborhood heroes in your own front window!