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OnStar and First Responders — working together to save lives for over 20 years

Seconds count in a vehicle crash. Help needs to reach you as fast as possible — but what if they can’t find you?

OnStar can provide First Responders with critical crash data, including your specific location.*29 We get them the information they need to plan your rescue before they even reach the scene.

In a crash, OnStar works with First Responders to get the right help to the right location.

OnStar helps First Responders save lives

Automatic Crash Response – Within seconds of a crash detection,*16 the vehicle can automatically connect to an Emergency-Certified Advisor. Injury Severity Prediction is calculating the probability of severe injury as well as other vital crash data.

Vehicle Location – Using GPS technology, an Advisor requests help be sent to your vehicle’s location — even if you can't respond. This critical information helps First Responders spend less time trying to find you and more time helping you.

Emergency Dispatch – Employing a proprietary database of 911 dispatch centers, the Advisor gets a priority connection to the correct emergency center for the crash location and the right help to the crash scene.

Injury Severity Prediction – The Advisor relays critical lifesaving crash data — information that alerts First Responders to the possibility of severe injuries. The 911 dispatcher conveys this real-time data from OnStar to First Responders, enabling them to make the best equipment and routing decisions.

Emergency-Certified Advisor – The Advisor*64 stays on the line with a Member until emergency help arrives. They also provide the 911 dispatcher with updates as conditions change.


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OnStar and First Responders help thousands of people just like you every day. Visit our interactive Story Map to learn more about the many ways we work together — in your hometown and across the country.



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