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OnStar is available on more than 30 GM vehicles.

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What’s included with your OnStar Trial?

2016 and Newer Vehicles get the Guidance Plan

The Guidance Plan gives you our comprehensive suite of emergency, security and diagnostic services. The plan also includes our navigation services—one push of a button and an Advisor is ready to download directions to your car for any destination, providing you access to over 14 million points of interest. And with the new OnStar with 4G LTE built-in Wi-Fi® Hotspot (if equipped), you’ve got the full range of OnStar services connecting you wherever you go.

2015 and Older Vehicles get the Directions & Connections Plan

The Directions & Connections plan gives you a helpful suite of OnStar emergency, security and diagnostic services plus the convenience and confidence of our navigation services. Press your blue OnStar button and get directions to just about anywhere—OnStar Advisors can help you find your destination and send directions right your vehicle via Turn-By-Turn Navigation.