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Welcome to OnStar

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For more than 20 years, OnStar has helped keep our Members safe, connected and ready for the road ahead.

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There's a lot about OnStar you might not know. Find out where OnStar can take you today.
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The power of human connection

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As the first to bring GPS satellite technology, Wi-Fi® and other innovative technologies to passenger vehicles, we have a long history with the connected car. But we’ve never forgotten that the most meaningful connections happen between people. And that’s why whenever you push your blue OnStar button, there’s a real live human being on the other end, ready to help. Here’s to the human connection.




Carjacked and Kidnapped

OnStar helps stop a car thief who stole one Member’s vehicle with her mom and granddaughter still inside.


OnStar Gets Detective Back in the Game

Detective Dave Graham shares his story on how OnStar has assisted him with on-the-job criminal cases and personally when he was the victim in a high-speed crash.


OnStar and the American Red Cross: Working Together to Help Those in Need

During the Louisiana floods, OnStar stepped in to help the Red Cross when they were overwhelmed with calls for help.

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