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Welcome to OnStar

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. OnStar lets you drive with confidence, knowing an Emergency-Certified Advisor is ready to help no matter what happens out on the road



The OnStar Guardian app — on your phone, in any vehicle

With the OnStar Guardian™ app, anyone can take safety services with them wherever they go. And best of all, they can share these services with their friends and family. Download the Guardian app today.



+ The unexpected can happen at any time. But OnStar is there for you in an emergency — even when you’re alone.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected    

You don’t usually get much warning before an emergency happens, and you don’t get to go back and make sure you’re adequately prepared to deal with it. But with OnStar, you don’t have to worry. On the other end of that ubiquitous OnStar button is an Emergency-Certified Advisor*64 who is ready to assist, even when you can’t ask for help yourself. Find out more about how OnStar has your back — no matter what life throws your way.