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The reasons for choosing OnStar are as unique as our Members

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Member Stories 

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Some want to make sure that their families stay safe when they travel. Some want to stay connected to the people and things that matter during those long hours on the road. Some want to save a bit of cash on their insurance and vehicle maintenance. And some just want to make their drive home a bit easier. Whatever the reason, OnStar is there to help.

Find out what OnStar does for our Members every day:



Good Samaritan Finds He’s “Selected to Help”

Good Samaritan James Welty often finds himself in the right place at the right time, to help others in their time of need.





OnStar Comes to Travelers’ Aid During Devastating Gatlinburg Wildfire    

OnStar locates lodging for anxious travelers during the tragic Gatlinburg wildfire.


Carjacked and Kidnapped

OnStar helps stop a car thief who stole one Member’s vehicle with her mom and granddaughter still inside.


Smart and Savvy 7-Year-Old Saves Mom

Jacob Sizemore grew up having OnStar in the family car. When his mom Julie fell ill, he pushed the red Emergency button to call for help. Read their OnStar review.


Getting Help After the Storm

With cell service knocked out, learn how one Member became a Good Samaritan by using OnStar to help rescue campers after severe thunderstorms.





OnStar Helps Furry Friend Find Forever Home

Find out how a punctured tire and OnStar found a rescue dog a new home.


OnStar Gets Detective Back in the Game

Detective Dave Graham shares his story on how OnStar has assisted him with on-the-job criminal cases and personally when he was the victim in a high-speed crash.


Good Samaritan Teams Up with Advisor to Help Unconscious Driver

Learn how a Boy Scout and his father came to the rescue of an unconscious motorist by teaming up with an OnStar EMD Advisor.