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As an OnStar Member, you get full access to a bevy of services — including some that you may not know about

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OnStar Tips

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Here are some tips to help you get the most out of being an OnStar Member and keep you safe and connected out on the road.


Tips for Getting the Most from Your Vehicle Mobile App

Stay connected to your vehicle with the remote access features in your vehicle's mobile app.





Do you know what to do if ...

What you should do if you see someone driving erratically or without their headlights on? OnStar has tips to help with those “What do I do if…” situations.


How to Outsmart a Car Thief

Learn how one family used OnStar to outsmart a car thief.


5 Parking Lot Safety Tips

If you've ever felt unsafe while walking through a parking lot, walk confidently next time when you learn more with OnStar's parking lot safety tips.


How OnStar Can Help Keep You on the Road This Winter

From Roadside Assistance and Advanced Diagnostics to utilizing your vehicle’s mobile app, OnStar makes winter driving that much easier by providing these cold weather conveniences.





10 Must-Have Items You Should Keep in Your Car (and Probably Don’t)

From matches to duct tape, make sure you keep these essential items in your car.


Reading into Your OnStar Smart Driver Score

Learn how you can receive a driving score from OnStar Smart Driver.


5 Things You Should Know about Crisis Assist

OnStar Crisis Assist is there for you when you need help quickly, regardless of where you live or travel.