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How to start saving on car insurance

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Good news — there’s finally a reason to get excited about auto insurance. Simply by having OnStar, you may be able to lower your premiums and pay your insurance provider less. Take a look at the three ways you could potentially earn insurance discounts:

1) Active OnStar Member Discount

Many insurance providers know the value of OnStar and are willing to give our Members savings simply for activating the service. See participating insurers and savings in your state below.

2) Low Mileage Discount*18

If you opt in to a low mileage discount program with a participating insurer in your state, OnStar can verify your actual mileage through diagnostics reports. The fewer miles you drive, the greater your discount could be.

3) OnStar Smart Driver*17

Drive smarter and save. The OnStar Smart Driver program provides you with information that can help you improve your driving behavior. You can check for insurance discounts with participating insurance companies, giving you a private, risk-free option to find rewards for driving smart. Learn more.

Select your state to find out how much you can save.

Find participating companies in your state.


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Additional Providers Coming Soon

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Don't see your insurance provider? Check back for new partnerships or ask your insurance provider about OnStar Low Mileage or OnStar Member Discounts.