Your world goes where you go.

You’re in control and in contact when your vehicle’s connected by OnStar1. Keep your mind on the road; these features will do the rest.

How to Access Hands-Free Calling

Press Your Vehicle’s Black Button

  • Make and receive calls

Use the updated OnStar RemoteLink®3 app for these features and more:

  • Start your vehicle9
  • Send directions to your vehicle13
  • Locate your vehicle17
  • Manage your Wi-Fi Hotspot2 settings
  • View Advanced Diagnostics
  • Lock or unlock your doors8
OnStar 4G LTE Mobile hotspot

Wi-Fi® Hotspot2

With OnStar, your car has its own Wi-Fi® hotspot, connecting up to seven tablets, laptops or mobile devices at 4G LTE speeds.18 So the content you crave is always headed where you are—thanks to the most powerful OnStar connection yet.
How to Use Your Hotspot
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AtYourService | Onstar

New! OnStar AtYourService

Life just got easier and more affordable using the personalized connection of AtYourService. With the press of your blue button, our trusted Advisors can connect you to offers and savings for restaurants, retailers and more along your route. They can also help you find and then book a hotel room in real-time, when you need it the most, through our partnership with Priceline.25 So simplify your life with OnStar AtYourService. Available with our Guidance Plan. Additional features through the RemoteLink®3 mobile app coming soon.

Hands-Free Calling

Hands-Free Calling14

Your car has a built-in wireless service so you can stay connected when your cell phone isn’t available. Choose from newly-available monthly plans or a prepaid bundle.
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Remote Services4

If you get locked out, lose your car in a lot, or want a remote start, a simple call to an OnStar Advisor sends a signal to your vehicle and gets you back on the road.

Family LinkTM10

Now you can have peace of mind when family members travel without you. Check our website to
 view your car’s location on a map, or receive email or text alerts with your car’s location at specific times.
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Third Party Apps & Services

OnStar has connected with select third party providers of apps and services.19 By leveraging the unique connection between OnStar and your vehicle, these services offer you innovative and personalized features.

The Chevrolet Volt Driver Challenge App
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Manage Fleet Vehicles with OnStar & Telogis
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OnStar RemoteLink Key Fob Services

An active OnStar Directions & Connections or Safe & Sound service plan is required to access most RemoteLink features. However with 2014 OnStar equipped vehicles, when you download and use RemoteLink just once during your OnStar trial or consecutive subscription, you'll unlock access to the RemoteLink Key Fob Services, including Remote Start, Remote Door Lock and Remote Horn and Lights, for five years from date of vehicle delivery.

OnStar RemoteLink Key Fob Services do not include any emergency services, Automatic Crash Response, stolen vehicle assistance, live Advisor service, or Hands-Free Calling. If you sell your GM vehicle or wish to cancel use of OnStar Key Fob Services, you must contact OnStar at 1.888.4.ONSTAR. Subsequent owners will be able to activate the remaining term of the Key Fob Services by calling 1.888.4.ONSTAR.

When OnStar RemoteLink Key Fob Services are active, location information is collected each time you use the app. 2015 vehicles offer the benefits of RemoteLink Key Fob Services for up to five years. Learn more