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OnStar Services Help: Family Link

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What is OnStar Family Link®?

Family Link is an add-on service that allows OnStar Members to stay connected to their loved ones who are traveling without you. Using the OnStar Family Link web site, you can locate an enrolled vehicle at any time. You can also choose to receive vehicle location alerts at any time in the form of email or text message. You select the day, time and frequency of alerts.

Who can enroll in Family Link?

U.S. residents with an active OnStar membership and a credit card on file can enroll in Family Link. The service is not yet available in Canada or Mexico.

Which vehicles can be equipped with Family Link?

Check out the New Vehicle page for more information about eligible vehicles.

How much does Family Link cost?

Family Link is available for $3.99 per month. This cost is in addition to your existing OnStar membership. Pricing is per vehicle, not per household.

How do I sign up for Family Link?

You can sign up for Family Link by visiting Owner Center.

Can I choose how often I receive alerts?

Yes, you can choose the frequency of the alerts when you log into the service.

How quickly can you track the vehicle?

The location is based on GPS navigation, and data should generally be available almost immediately.

Can anyone else track the vehicle?

No. All information is encrypted and made available only to the OnStar member.

Is the driver of the vehicle notified?

There is no signal to the driver or passengers that vehicle location has been requested. The OnStar Member should inform drivers of the service.

Is there a delay between when I enroll and when the service will start?

Yes, there's a 24-hour delay between enrollment and your ability to locate a vehicle and receive alerts. In certain circumstances, it may take up to 48 hours. However, you can enroll and set your alert preferences at any time.

How do I cancel the service?

You can unenroll/cancel by pushing the blue OnStar button and talking to an OnStar Advisor. You must be the account owner and your PIN will be required. Please note that you will receive an unenrollment confirmation email within 24–48 hours after cancelling and the service may still be active for 24–48 hours after cancelling.