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The Value of OnStar

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Why OnStar is right for you

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Driving matters. It’s how most of us get to work, buy our groceries and take the kids to school. We use our vehicles to take trips with our families, go out with friends or just go out and explore. Our cars become part of our identity. They say something about us. But in today’s fast-paced, ever-shrinking world, a vehicle needs to be a lot more than just a way to get around. It needs to be a way for us to stay connected to the things that matter.

That’s where OnStar comes in. We are focused on making driving safer, easier and just plain better. Whether you’ve been involved in a crash, locked out of your car or even if you’re just looking for directions, an OnStar Advisor can be there to help. We have a host of great services that keep you connected and take the hassle out of driving, such as in-vehicle Wi-Fi®*13 and Turn-by-Turn Navigation.*11

OnStar has been at the forefront of the connected-car revolution for the past 20 years, because we never forgot the value of the human connection, and that the most meaningful connections happen between people. And that’s the benefit of being an OnStar Member: a connected car where you always have a real person there for you, whenever you need it.

Explore all the ways OnStar adds value


A Better Way of Driving 

See how OnStar can make your life more convenient and secure.


Meet Your OnStar Advisors

Find out more about the highly trained and dedicated people behind the service.


OnStar Technology

Explore the ground-breaking innovation that keeps you connected to what matters.

Our Advisors help OnStar Members across the country every single day. So what word would they use to describe OnStar?



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Becoming an OnStar Member: How One Moment Can Change Everything

Becoming an OnStar Member: Read more on how one moment can change everything.


Visit your GM Owner Center

Visit your GM Owner Center to access your vehicle’s OnStar services, upgrade your service plan, purchase data or minutes, and much more. You can also check out more information about your vehicle.