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Keeping you connected to the things that matter

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Imagine a vehicle that was never lost

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That was smart enough to identify when it had a potential issue,*15 and could even help make its own maintenance appointments.*15

That could help Advisors predict how severe a crash was*7 and how likely it was to cause life-threatening injuries in order to better assist emergency responders.

That was capable of connecting to the internet — with an in-vehicle Wi-Fi® hotspot*13 that’s fast enough for your passengers to stream movies and videos at high quality.

That could help you become a smarter driver.*17

That could help authorities recover itself*9 if it were ever stolen.

That could save you money by finding you deals*12 at the places you love to eat and shop.

What would you call a vehicle like that?

How about “yours”?

That’s what’s possible when your vehicle has OnStar technology — and a whole lot more.

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Learn more about OnStar technology

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OnStar keeps you connected with the things that matter to you, no matter where you go. And we’ve been at it for the past 20 years. Check out this timeline of where we’ve been, and learn more about how OnStar’s amazing technology can help change the way you travel — now and in the future.

Staying on top of your health can be hard work, but with OnStar, it's easy to keep your vehicle healthy and ready for the road. With innovative technology like Advanced Diagnostics, you can ask an OnStar Advisor to review your vehicle's system and enjoy some peace of mind.



Advanced Diagnostics Paves a More Confident Road Ahead    

People often wonder how to keep their car running smoothly. Learn how OnStar's Advanced Diagnostics is like a money-saving physical exam for your car.


Tips for Getting the Most from Your Vehicle Mobile App

Stay connected to your vehicle with the remote access features in your vehicle's mobile app.


Visit your GM Owner Center

Visit your GM Owner Center to access your vehicle’s OnStar services, upgrade your service plan, purchase data or minutes, and much more. You can also check out more information about your vehicle.