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  • Make the most of your OnStar service

    OnStar1 is built in to most GM vehicles; check your vehicle compatibility ». Pre-owned GM vehicles are also eligible for
    3 months2 » of OnStar Directions & Connections at no charge.

  • Fast responses help you enjoy life after the crash

    When Terry Hensley and her family were in a crash, OnStar Automatic Crash Response3 » sent help fast, helping them go on to celebrate more special moments together. See how Terry and others are celebrating
    life after the crash ».

  • Help for life's unexpected emergencies

    Locked your keys in your car? Don't remember where you parked? We've got you covered with Remote Services4 ». We'll also help you find
    your vehicle should you ever
    need Stolen Vehicle Assistance4 ».

  • Directions at the touch of a button

    When you're out on the road, OnStar helps keep you ready for anything—and able to find your way anywhere with
    Turn-by-Turn Directions5 ».

  • Always connected—in and out of your vehicle

    The OnStar RemoteLinkTM Mobile
    App6 »
    lets you connect to your vehicle from anywhere. And you can stay safely connected behind the
    wheel with the convenience
    of Hands-Free Calling7 ».

  • Diagnostics to help maintain your vehicle

    We'll help you keep track of your vehicle's health with OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics8 » emails. We can even have your dealer notify you when it's time for maintenance.

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