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On the road, it feels great to know your vehicle is running as it should. OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics sends you monthly email reports showing what's going on with your vehicle—in simple language and images. With Dealer Maintenance Notification, OnStar shares key information with your preferred dealer when maintenance is required, so your dealer can contact you to schedule an appointment.

It's all part of your OnStar service, no additional cost.

2015 vehicles offer the benefits of OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics and Dealer Maintenance Notification for up to five years. Learn more.

Model Year 2015 Basic Plan

The OnStar Basic Plan is available for 5 years from the date of delivery of an eligible, new US 2015 Model Year vehicle1 and includes OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, Dealer Maintenance Notification, and access to RemoteLink Key Fob Services2 which includes access to remote start3, remote door lock/unlock4, and remote lights and horn from your mobile device.

The OnStar Basic Plan does not include any Emergency Services, Automatic Crash Response, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, live Advisor service, or Hands-Free Calling. These and other services are available under a paid plan, such as the OnStar Directions and Connections Plan, or the OnStar Safe and Sound Plan.

1Limited to US Vehicles. Limitations apply. See OnStar Service Terms and Conditions for more details. If you sell your vehicle or wish to cancel use of Basic Plan services, you must contact OnStar at 1-866.4.ONSTAR. Subsequent owners can call this same number to activate for the remaining term of the OnStar Basic Plan.

2Requires Android, Blackberry, iPhone or Windows 7 or 8 platform.

3Requires factory installed and enabled remote start.

4Requires automatic door locks.

How amazing is a car that can send you emails?

see for yourself

Vehicle Diagnostics Email

vehicle diagnostics made easy

Easy to read. Easy to use.

Every month, we automatically run hundreds of diagnostic and maintenance checks on your vehicle's key operating systems, including:

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Diagnostic Information

This system is responsible for making the power necessary to move the vehicle and sending that power to the wheels.


StabiliTrak® is an advanced computer controlled system that can help the driver maintain directional control of the vehicle in difficult driving conditions.


This system is responsible for monitoring and deployment of the air bag system.


This system is responsible for limiting the emissions from the vehicle, both by keeping fuel and its vapor contained in the fuel system, as well as by limiting exhaust tail pipe emissions by ensuring efficient engine operation.


This system is responsible for monitoring and controlling the antilock brakes, which can reduce stopping distance in slick conditions, and the traction control/stability system, which helps the vehicle maintain control in adverse conditions.


This system is responsible for the operation of your OnStar system.


This includes any routine maintenance determined by several factors such as mileage and oil life.


It's important to keep your vehicle's tires at their recommended PSIs. Properly inflated tires can actually improve fuel economy, vehicle performance and tire life.

On-Demand Diagnostics

what's that noise? why is that light on?

answers are a button push away.

Run a diagnostics check from the road. Just push your blue button and an Advisor will complete a real-time check—and let you know what to do. It's all part of your subscription.

OnStar Vehicle


want the latest on your vehicle's health?

get it monthly from OnStar.

Get an OnStar Vehicle Diagnostic report sent right to your inbox every month. OnStar takes the worry out of vehicle maintenance by performing regular checks for
you. Sign up now.
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