OnStar and RapidDeploy Integration

OnStar and RapidDeploy Integration

Working together to deliver critical crash data

While responding to a car crash, First Responders need accurate information quickly. OnStar® and RapidDeploy work together to share critical crash details electronically so you can make more informed decisions for safer on-scene management and field triage before arriving on scene.

RapidDeploy Associate Ready to Assist

RapidDeploy is a cloud-native platform utilized by emergency communications centers to electronically route third-party emergency data to telecommunicators and First Responders.

How it works  

OnStar-equipped vehicles with Automatic Crash Response* (ACR) have built-in sensors to automatically alert an OnStar Advisor of a crash. Once an automatic crash incident occurs, the OnStar data feed is electronically routed to the RapidDeploy ECC customer with jurisdiction and an OnStar Advisor will initiate voice contact with the ECC. The data feed contains related crash details, including: 


  • Location, with latitude and longitude
  • OnStar incident number and time
  • Vehicle description — Includes year, make, model, color and propulsion type (such as an electric vehicle).
  • Injury Severity Prediction (ISP) — Taking into account vehicle crash data and available seat-sensing technology, this algorithm can determine if the risk of severe injury is "HIGH" based on vehicle crash data, available seat-sensing technology, vehicle telemetry and age/gender.
  • Crash data — Air bag deployment, multiple impacts, principal direction of force and autonomous vehicle indicator (if applicable). 


All of this data can help guide decisions on dispatch priority, patient care and transport of the patient, including where to transport by ground or air. This can lead to earlier arrival of field responders and improved patient outcomes.