Tales from the Road 

Tales from the Road 

OnStar in Action: First Responders Share Their Stories

See how our firefighting partners work to keep us safe. 

OnStar Advisors are often the first link in the chain of communication for First Responders. They're highly skilled, trained in the same vocabulary and protocols as their counterpart emergency dispatchers. 

Automatic Crash Response: OnStar responds when a vehicle runs off the road into a ravine in Troutman, NC. 

Every second mattered when a vehicle in Paducah, KY, flipped into a creek and began filling with water. OnStar Advisors quickly directed emergency responders to the site. 

OnStar Rescues a First Responder: OnStar was there when the director of the Condon, OR, regional 911 center needed help. 

See how law enforcement works with OnStar to recover stolen vehicles quicker and safer. 

See how the Fresno Sheriff's Office worked with OnStar to recover a stolen vehicle quicker and safer. 

Stolen Vehicle Assistance: Get an inside look at how OnStar helped Beloit, WI, police recover a stolen vehicle using GPS technology.