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The One Thing Every Student Should Take to College

Aug 29, 2018

The One Thing Every Student Should Take to College

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What’s the one thing your child needs while away at college? OnStar. Learn why.

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What’s the one thing your child needs while away at college? OnStar. Learn why.

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If you have a student heading to college, make sure their packing list includes the peace of mind of a vehicle powered by OnStar

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If you have a student heading to college this fall, you’ve probably got plenty of packing to do before the big day. But while they’re likely thinking more about what to bring for that perfect dorm room, make sure their list also includes something that can help them deal with the unexpected: OnStar.

You can have peace of mind knowing your college student has OnStar with Advisors available to help 24/7,*1b whether they’re traveling to and from college or driving on campus. If they have vehicle trouble, get lost*20 or need help in an emergency, OnStar can help.

Take the example of Lauren Richoux, a community college student who returned to a dead car battery after taking a test. Rather than searching on her phone for a tow or a nearby garage, she just pushed her blue OnStar button to get Roadside Assistance.*17

“My Advisor was friendly, helpful and patient,” she says. “I even received a text message telling me when to expect help to arrive and follow-up phone calls to make sure I was OK and that my car received its required help. It couldn’t have been easier.”

Here are some other ways OnStar can help:

  • Automatic Crash Response*16a: If your student is ever in a crash, built-in sensors can automatically notify an OnStar Advisor who can connect to the vehicle to check on their condition and notify first responders of their location.
  • Emergency Services: With just the push of a button, your student can be connected to an Emergency Medical Dispatch–certified Advisor*64 who can verbally provide aid until assistance arrives.
  • Crisis Assist: Experiencing a natural disaster or weather emergency can be stressful for both you and your student. But OnStar can provide critical assistance during a crisis, helping to route your student away from danger and keep you in touch with each other.
  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance*18: If your student’s vehicle is ever stolen, OnStar can work with local authorities to help locate and recover it quickly and safely, if possible.
  • Connected Services: Your vehicle has a number of service options to help your student stay connected to it almost anywhere, including a vehicle mobile app*26 that can remotely start or stop, locate,*29 and lock or unlock*28 the vehicle; an available built-in Wi-Fi® hotspot capable of connecting up to 7 devices at 4G LTE speeds*33 within 50 feet of the vehicle; and much more.

Seeing your child head off to college can be a wonderful and terrifying time in a parent’s life. But with OnStar, someone can be there to help them, even when you can’t.