Start your OnStar trial

Get 1 month of services free

Start your OnStar trial

Get 1 month of services free

Unlock your vehicle’s full potential with the push of a button.

Your trial is ready to be activated. With your 2015 model year or newer GM vehicle, you get OnStar services that bring you better drives, entertainment, control and safety — all bundled into one plan. Push your blue OnStar button to start your trial*. Having OnStar services is good. Trying them for free. That’s better.

Start your trial in one step.

Push your blue OnStar button to start your trial. To see what services you are eligible for, enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) below.

Your future drives never looked so good.

See what comes with your trial.

Safety, entertainment, mobile app commands and more — discover the suite of services you can try for free.

Vehicle mobile app

Experience the convenience of remote commands*, Vehicle Locate*, Vehicle Status and more — all from your smartphone.

In-Vehicle data

Enjoy an Unlimited Data Plan* so you and your passengers can stream, post, game and work from anywhere.

Automatic Crash Response

When a crash happens, we’re right there to assist you*. We’ll also tell First Responders exactly where you are and what kind of help you need.

Roadside Assistance 

Whether you’re out of gas or your tire’s flat, we’ll get you a tow or whatever help you need to get back up and running*.

Vehicle Status 

Our OnStar Advisors can run an On-Demand Diagnostics* check whenever you need it. If there’s a problem, we’ll help you find the nearest Dealer or service provider or send Roadside Assistance*.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

If your vehicle is stolen, OnStar Advisors can help locate it and slow it to idle speed* when police have it in their sights.

Emergency Services 

If you need help, push the red Emergency button* for immediate help from our OnStar Emergency Advisors*.

Start your free trial

Push your blue OnStar button to get started.

Your OnStar trial gives you 1 month of our full suite of safety and connectivity services*. Activate your trial by pushing the blue OnStar button in your vehicle today.

Find a plan that works for you.

Get the most of your vehicle with safety, security and seamless connectivity. Just answer the following questions to find the best plan for you.