Super Cruise: Frequently Asked Questions 

Feb 23, 2022

Super Cruise: Frequently Asked Questions 

Feb 23, 2022

The future of driving is here, today. Learn more about how to use Super Cruise in your compatible vehicle with our FAQ

Your next drive just got more convenient, thanks to a cutting-edge driver assistance technology called Super Cruise.™* Whether you’re already familiar with Super Cruise on your vehicle, or you’re considering a vehicle that offers this advanced technology, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. 

What is Super Cruise?

Super Cruise is the future of driving, making driving on compatible roads more relaxing and convenient by allowing for hands-free driving. It uses cameras, sensors, GPS data and LiDAR-scanned map data, and steers to maintain the vehicle’s position in a lane. It works on top of Adaptive Cruise Control,* which can accelerate and brake to maintain a driver-selected following gap from the vehicle ahead. On select vehicles, Super Cruise can also make lane changes: In vehicles equipped with Lane Change on Demand, the vehicle executes the lane change once the driver activates the turn signal, while in vehicles with Automatic Lane Change, Super Cruise can execute lane changes automatically when enabled in the vehicle Settings menu. 

Where can I use Super Cruise?

Super Cruise can only be engaged on compatible roads where lanes are separated from opposing traffic — think a divided, limited-access highway, not a suburban street. There are currently more than 400,000 miles of Super Cruise–enabled roads in the U.S. and Canada. These roads have been specially mapped by LiDAR to provide Super Cruise the data needed for hands-free driving. Explore the map of Super Cruise–enabled roads to find ones on the way to your next destination. 

Which vehicles offer Super Cruise?

Currently Super Cruise is available on the following vehicles, when appropriately equipped: 

  • 2018–2020 Cadillac CT6 
  • 2021–2022 Cadillac CT4 
  • 2021–2022 Cadillac CT5 
  • 2021–2022 Cadillac Escalade 
  • 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV 
  • 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 
  • 2022 GMC Sierra 
  • 2022 GMC HUMMER EV 


Of course, this is just the beginning — by 2023, a total of 22 General Motors vehicles are planned to offer Super Cruise. 

How does Super Cruise work?

Super Cruise uses cameras, sensors, GPS information and high-definition LiDAR map data to steer and maintain the vehicle’s position in the current lane. However, you still need to pay attention and keep your eyes on the road while using Super Cruise. 

Is it a self-driving car?

No. Super Cruise is designed to maintain the current lane, but you should always pay attention in case you need to take control to avoid emergency situations, exit the highway, make a turn, stop for a traffic control device or perform any other driving maneuver. Super Cruise is only available on compatible roads

Do I still need to pay attention?

Yes! You should always be ready to take control of the steering or brakes while using Super Cruise. To ensure you’re staying focused on the road, a Driver Attention Camera located atop the steering column determines where your gaze is directed. If the system detects you may not be paying enough attention, the steering wheel light bar flashes green. If you continue to remain inattentive, or if you need to take control of the vehicle immediately, the bar will flash red. Learn more about disengagements


In the case of an unresponsive driver, after the first two levels of alerts, a voice prompt will be heard and the vehicle will slow to a complete stop with its hazard lights activated, and the vehicle will contact OnStar Emergency Services* so an OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisor* can communicate with the driver. 

How do I activate Super Cruise?

Activating Super Cruise is simple and convenient. When you’re on a compatible road, turn on your vehicle’s Adaptive Cruise Control and set a speed. Then look for the white Super Cruise steering wheel symbol in the driver information center. When it appears, Super Cruise is available. Simply push the Super Cruise button on your steering wheel (it looks like a steering wheel) to enable. The light bar at the top of your steering wheel turns green when Super Cruise is active. When it is safe to do so, and in compliance with any local laws, you may now take your hands off the steering wheel — while keeping your eyes on the road. 


Of course, as every vehicle is different, you should consult your vehicle owner manual for detailed instructions, or ask your authorized Dealer for more information. 

What is Automatic Lane Change?

When enabled, and under certain conditions, Automatic Lane Change can steer the vehicle to perform a single lane change. For example, the system can pass a slower vehicle in its lane, change lanes if the current lane is ending or change lanes to provide space for vehicles merging from an ending lane. A message appears on the driver information center to offer more information on the status of the maneuver. 

How can I take over steering control when Super Cruise is engaged?

If you’d like to take control of the vehicle after Super Cruise has been activated, place your hands firmly on the steering wheel. The Super Cruise system will detect that you have taken over control, and the steering wheel light bar will change from green to blue. When the light bar is blue, Super Cruise will stop steering and you must steer the vehicle. To reactivate Super Cruise, center the vehicle in the lane and wait for the light bar to turn green. If you would like to take over steering and deactivate Super Cruise, you can do so by firmly placing your hands on the wheel and pressing the Super Cruise button, depressing the brake pedal or, on electric vehicles so equipped, activating the Regen On Demand paddle. 

Super Cruise disengaged and I don’t know why. How can I learn more?

If Super Cruise disengages while you’re using it, simply push the Super Cruise button within 10 seconds of disengagement for more information. A message will appear in the driver information center with an explanation, such as, “No Road Information,” “Driving in Exit Lane” or “Looking Away from Road for Too Long.” You can find descriptions of these messages in your vehicle owner manual. 

Why do I need paid plan to use Super Cruise?

Super Cruise uses a data connection for real-time, precise positioning of the vehicle, as well as to download regular map updates. That helps ensure your vehicle has the most up-to-date, accurate maps available for hands-free driving. An active, eligible Super Cruise Connected Services plan is required to maintain that data connection. 

Is Super Cruise free?

Every new Super Cruise–equipped vehicle comes with three years of access to the data connectivity required for Super Cruise functionality. At the end of the vehicle’s trial period, you’ll need to purchase a Super Cruise plan in order to keep using Super Cruise. 

My trial is ending. How do I keep using Super Cruise?

Because Super Cruise needs an active data connection, you need to sign up for the Super Cruise plan to keep enjoying the future of driving after your three-year trial period ends. 

How do I sign up for a Super Cruise plan?

The simplest way to sign up for the Super Cruise plan is to push the blue OnStar button inside your Super Cruise–equipped vehicle and speak to an Advisor. They’ll be able to assist you through the sign-up process. You can also visit GM account, or call us at 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827).