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More than Just Customer Service

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After losing her job, one Member called OnStar expecting to cancel her service, but instead she found an empathetic and understanding Advisor.

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After losing her job, one Member called OnStar expecting to cancel her service, but instead she found an empathetic and understanding Advisor.

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An OnStar Advisor offers reassurance and empathy to a Member in her time of need

Human connection is at the heart of OnStar. An Advisor is just a button-push away, whether for day-to-day help with the blue OnStar button,*1a or during a crisis with a push of the red Emergency button.*16a In fact, OnStar Advisors are committed to looking out for Members in all types of situations, as Kelly LaVaute discovered earlier this year.

Kelly, a social media manager from Detroit, Michigan, unexpectedly lost her job in March, just as the pandemic was spreading across the country. It was a stressful, emotional time. “I thought to myself, ‘I’m not going to find a job. The stakes just got very high,’” she recalls.

“I took a day to be sad about it, and then started to try to shape my life for unemployment,” Kelly says. That included evaluating any recurring costs in her budget. She started by canceling some video-streaming subscriptions and cooking more at home instead of ordering out, and she even pulled back on day care for her dog, Winnie. Next, Kelly reluctantly decided she would have to cancel her OnStar plan.

Kelly had OnStar on her previous Chevrolet Malibu and continued the service on her new 2019 Equinox. While Kelly has fortunately never needed to use OnStar in an emergency, she says she appreciates the added peace of mind knowing it’s available. She also loves using Connected Services features like the myChevrolet mobile app,*26 which allows her to check her Equinox’s status and to remotely start it*28 to warm it up during those cold Michigan winters.

But when Kelly called an Advisor to discuss canceling her plan, she was taken aback by the Advisor’s immediate concern for her personal situation.

“Without skipping a beat, the Advisor said, ‘Oh gosh, that’s awful. I want you to know everything’s going to be OK,’” Kelly recalls. “She said, ‘You’re going to pick yourself up, you’re going to figure this out, and you’re going to have a job in no time. I can tell that you’ve really got your stuff together.’ She really focused on me more than the service.”

Kelly’s Advisor was able to work out a temporary three-month deal for her to keep her OnStar plan during her period of unemployment, allowing her to maintain that added peace of mind. After all, Kelly says, the Advisor wanted to ensure she was covered if anything unexpected were to happen — whether it was needing Roadside Assistance*17 or help during a more serious emergency.

The Advisor was right: Kelly soon found a new job and is once again employed in the social media field. (In fact, she currently works for a vendor of OnStar.) But what resonated above all with Kelly was the Advisor’s empathy during that phone call.

“You don’t really expect that from somebody who you don’t know. The Advisor was very reassuring for me, and I felt like she put me first,” Kelly says. “People do care about each other, and companies can care about people as well, so it just meant a ton to me.”

While every Member’s situation is different, you can speak to an Advisor at any time by pushing your blue OnStar button or calling 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827).