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Get Out There This Winter

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Looking for something to do in this winter weather? We’ve put together six ways to get Out There this season with OnStar on your side.

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Looking for something to do in this winter weather? We’ve put together six ways to get Out There this season with OnStar on your side.

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You don’t have to stay cooped up indoors all winter. Here are some tips on how to safely enjoy the outdoors through the coldest season

Winter is undeniably here, bringing anything from more rainy days to blizzards. Regardless of where you call home, winter often provides more excuses than ever to stay off the roads and in the house. This year, however, you might feel like you’ve already spent more than enough time at home. If you’ve binged every TV show, completed every jigsaw puzzle, finished all your unread paperbacks and aced that new yoga routine, you may be itching for a chance to get out there and explore.

Drivers with OnStar*1a have an advantage in breaking their cabin fever: the added confidence to head out on those less-populated roads in pursuit of adventure. When you do head off the beaten path in search of what excites you, it’s reassuring to know that OnStar Advisors are there to help 24/7 if the unexpected happens. Better yet, when you reach your destination and leave your vehicle, you can bring that added peace of mind with you, thanks to the OnStar Guardian™ app.*82

Of course, OnStar wants you be safe whatever you’re doing, so always check local, county or state health rules before traveling anywhere this winter; take masks and hand sanitizer; and follow some simple steps to help you and your family stay safer. With that in mind, here are some ideas for breaking out of your winter couch routine and chasing your Out There.

Take a walk in the woods

Leaving civilization behind for a peaceful walk in the woods is a great way to unwind in any season, but especially when winter cabin fever sets in. It’s a great way to get some fresh air while maintaining physical distancing from others. On dry days or in milder regions, all you need are some comfy hiking boots. If you live somewhere snowy, we’ve got one word for you: snowshoes. With a pair strapped to your boots, snow is no obstacle. Today’s advanced equipment has come a long way since wooden frames with webs of string and is often available for rent, so if you can walk, you can snowshoe like a pro. And, if you fall in the snow, you’re still guaranteed to walk out of the woods with a fun story to tell.

Rent a rustic retreat

For some families, a cozy cottage on the lake or in the woods is a great place to form strong bonds and great memories. Book a weekend rental with a fireplace, pack up your favorite games, stock up on groceries (don’t forget the cookies and hot chocolate!) and make a mini road trip out of it. The best places have addresses on obscure roads with names like County Road 571, but you can venture forth with confidence knowing OnStar can help you find your way.
Take the family sledding
Your local ice rink may be closed this winter, but there’s still an easy way to get some thrills outdoors: sledding! Maybe you already know where to find the best, steepest (and tree-free) hill in your neighborhood, or maybe you need to venture out to another town for some gravity-powered fun. Either way, dust off the trusted sleds from the garage, bundle up and spend an afternoon slipping and sliding down the nearest snowy slope.
Give fat biking a try
If you want a break from the traditional skis and snowboard, try fat biking. With extra-wide, low-pressure tires that can power through snow, fat bikes are an unconventional and increasingly popular way to explore the woods in the cold. There’s no need to buy if you’re just curious: Many ski resorts, bike shops and even mountain bike parks will rent out fat bikes for the day, and many areas specifically “groom” trails so the snow is more easily covered on two wheels. With the extra traction afforded by those aforementioned tires (often more than 4 inches wide!), you’ll be amazed at how far you can make it.

See the stars

There’s something about crisp air that makes stars in the sky seem extra bright and twinkly, which means winter is a great time to see the celestial sights. The fact that the sun sets extra early means you can go stargazing sooner and still get back to bed at a decent hour. Head away from the city to where there’s less man-made lighting to interfere with the view and see how many constellations your family can count.

Go chasing waterfalls

They’re much easier to catch when they’re frozen. If there’s one near you — or within a few hours of driving — the chance to snap a photo of nature at a rare standstill is well worth the drive. Whether you share it on social media for “likes” or have it printed to decorate your home, your photograph will be a fun memento of your winter trip.

Whatever your favorite (or soon-to-be-favorite) activity, there’s a great reason to do it this winter. Go ahead and get Out There, knowing OnStar can help you find your way to and from far-flung destinations, including directions to a steaming cup of hot cocoa on the drive home.