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The Must-Have Gift of the Holiday Season: The New OnStar Guardian App

Dec 17, 2020

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The Must-Have Gift of the Holiday Season: The New OnStar Guardian App

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Still trying to figure out what to get your loved ones this holiday season? Give a gift that’s not just convenient, but one that provides a little peace of mind

When it comes to holiday gifts for the family, why not give something that’s unique, valuable and convenient? Forget stocking stuffers like fuzzy socks, a coffee mug or candles. This year, eligible OnStar Members can give the gift that helps keep loved ones safe and gives you added peace of mind: the OnStar Guardian™ app.*82

You can add up to seven loved ones to your Guardian account, so your family members are covered by key OnStar safety services — no matter what vehicle they are in. And that means you can be a little less worried next time they get behind the wheel without you there.

And the holidays are a perfect time to help your loved ones set up the app on their devices.

OnStar can go where your loved ones go

It’s natural to worry about the people we care about when they’re out on the road, especially older family members who may no longer be as confident behind the wheel as they used to be.

The Guardian app provides you with the comfort of knowing your family has access to OnStar Advisors ready to help 24/7. For instance, Mobile Crash Response uses the smartphone’s sensors to detect a crash. So if the unexpected happens to your mom or dad, you can rest assured that an OnStar Emergency Advisor*64 will be alerted and can notify First Responders even if they can’t reach the phone.

Your parents can even use the Guardian app if they have a medical emergency or other crisis while away from their car — whether they’re out walking, at home or nearly anywhere else. All they need to do is push the red Emergency button in the app, and Emergency Services*16a will give them priority access to an Emergency Advisor who can assess the situation, provide guidance and contact First Responders.

Of course, the Guardian app isn’t just a great gift for mom and dad, or grandma and grandpa, but for the kids as well. Whether they’re at home or away at college, they can use it in any vehicle, such as in a ride-share or a friend’s vehicle.

In addition to the above features, the Guardian app also includes:

  • Roadside Assistance*86: Request help from virtually anywhere. You or a loved one can get a tow, a battery boost or help with a flat tire.
  • Location Status*85: View and share device location information with members of “My Family” within the Guardian app. Each member of “My Family” is visible on a map and their location updates can be shared.
Getting started is simple

Once you’ve added the Guardian app to your plan and you’re ready to share, have your family members download the app to their own smartphone. Go to the “My Family” section in the app and tap the plus sign to add a new member. A six-digit invite code will be generated that you can share with loved ones to use when they create their profile. Need more assistance? Click here for more details on setting up family sharing.

The gift of safety

So, why not make this year’s holiday gift a little more extraordinary? You can’t go wrong with adding the Guardian app to your plan and sharing it with those who matter most. This way, the next time your loved ones get behind the wheel and head out on the road, you know that they have OnStar to help protect them. It’s a gift you can be sure they’ll appreciate well beyond the holiday season.