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OnStar supports the LGBTQ+ community
Real people, real stories. Real life.

We believe everyone deserves to feel safer — safe on the road, safe at home, safe while loving unapologetically and safe while being your true self. Our Advisors not only agree with this statement, but many are also part of the LGBTQ+ community themselves. Hear how they live authentically and what safety means to them within the community. See some highlights and don’t forget to share your stories below.

OnStar Advisor: Janel H.
“Being accepted makes it easier to feel safe.”

Janel is one of our OnStar Advisors dedicated to helping people and making the world a safer place, one button-push at a time. Hear how self-acceptance and love help her bring empathy and compassion to the job.

OnStar Advisor: Cody H.
“This is the most welcome I’ve ever felt. It feels good.”

Cody is an OnStar Advisor committed to helping people stay safe any way they can. Hear how being open and proud energizes him to share that feeling of comfort with our Members.

What does safety mean to you?

Let us know if our Advisors helped you navigate the day-to-day or made you feel safer in an emergency.