Coverage Maps | OnStar

These maps depict approximations of OnStar service coverage. Coverage is based on cellular and wireless network capabilities, and is not guaranteed. There are a variety of factors that can impact coverage, including terrain, foliage, buildings, construction, and more. You must have a digital-equipped OnStar vehicle to receive any OnStar services.

Please refer to OnStar Help & Support for more information on Coverage Maps.

Important information about OnStar Services and coverage maps.
OnStar Service Information
  • OnStar Service works using cellular or other wireless phone networks in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, as well as the Global Positioning System (‘GPS’) satellite network. OnStar services are not available everywhere, particularly in enclosed or remote areas.
  • As illustrated by this map, OnStar service can’t work unless your car is in a place where we have an agreement with a wireless service provider for service in that area. OnStar service also can’t work unless you’re in a place where the wireless service provider we’ve hired for that area has coverage, network capacity, and reception when the service is needed, and technology that’s compatible with the OnStar service. OnStar service that involves location information about your car cannot work unless GPS satellite signals are unobstructed and available in that place as well.
Coverage Map Information
  • This map illustrates approximate service areas based on computer-generated radio-frequency coverage estimates and may not reflect actual coverage.
  • Service availability is subject to wireless transmission limitations, including network congestion, network design, signal strength, foliage, weather, topographical conditions (mountains) and nearby structures (tall buildings, tunnels) and therefore cannot be predicted precisely.
  • Coverage information is based on information provided by OnStar vendors and wireless service providers. OnStar does not guarantee its accuracy.