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OnStar Services Help: Hands-Free Calling

What is OnStar Hands-Free Calling?

OnStar Hands-Free Calling is a voice-activated wireless calling system built into your vehicle. Just push the Voice Command button and speak a number or saved name, and we will connect you while you stay focused on the road. Hands-Free Calling requires minute plans and is not available in certain markets.

How do I purchase minutes?

Just push your blue OnStar button or call 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827) to purchase or roll over minutes. When you purchase a new prepaid minute package, your existing minutes will roll over and be added to your purchased minutes. Purchased minutes are valid until their expiration date or when your OnStar service ends, whichever date comes first.

Can I transfer minutes to a new vehicle with OnStar?

Yes. You can also roll over active unused minutes to a new OnStar-equipped vehicle.

How do I check how many minutes I have left?

To check the number of minutes you have remaining, simply push the calling or voice command button. When OnStar responds with "OnStar ready," say "Minutes." When OnStar responds with "Please say verify or add," say "Verify." The system will tell you how many minutes you have left on your account.

Does contacting an OnStar Advisor use my minutes?

No. Hands-Free Calling minutes are used only when you place or receive calls via the calling or voice command button. Your minutes are never used when you push the blue OnStar or red Emergency button, speak to an Advisor, or use Turn-by-Turn Navigation.

How do I receive a call?

When someone calls you in your vehicle, you will hear a ring and see the green System Status light flashing. Simply push the calling or voice command button to answer. Push it again to end the call.

What can I do if I’m getting unwanted calls?

If you're getting unwanted calls, you can ask an Advisor for a different Hands-Free Calling number. Please have your account number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ready.

I’ve forgotten my Hands-Free Calling number! How do I check what it is?

To hear your OnStar Hands-Free Calling number, simply push the calling or voice command button in your vehicle. When you hear "OnStar ready," say "My number." If you don't hear your number, please push the blue OnStar button for an Advisor or call us at 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827), and we'll provide it. It's our policy to provide a local number for your vehicle. If you received a number that's not local, please contact us for a new local number.

How can I make the system understand me better?

You may find it necessary to emphasize certain sounds. Try these tips to improve dialing accuracy:


  • If the system does not understand "zero," try "oh" and vice versa
  • Try saying "oh" slower or faster
  • On zero, emphasize "r" sound


  • Emphasize the "n" sound at the end of the word


  • Say the digit more softly
  • Emphasize the "t" sound at the beginning


  • Emphasize the "l" sound to reduce confusion with the word “call”


  • Emphasize the hard "k" sound


  • When storing a number with a nametag, use two words or two-syllable words rather than one. For example, using "My Home" instead of "Home"
  • If the system is having trouble understanding numbers when you dial, set up nametags to speed-dial numbers you regularly call

What do I do if Hands-Free Calling stops responding?

Your system may have shut off the Voice Feedback setting that responds to your commands. To turn it on, simply push your calling or voice command button. After the system tone, say "Voice Feedback." You'll hear "Voice Feedback on" and "Ready." You will then receive verification from the system as you use it to place calls. If you still encounter difficulties with this or any other voice recognition issue, please push the OnStar button or call us at 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827) for further assistance.