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Meet our OnStar Advisors
The care and comfort of a human connection

We all have that one friend who we can always count on. At OnStar, we have more than 2,000 of them. Doesn’t matter what kind of help you need — a flat tire, lost and unwilling to admit it (happens more than you’d know), or just some reassurance in knowing someone is there — we have Advisors with answers and connections to what you need.

Emergency Advisors

For those situations when the stakes are high, we have specially trained Emergency Advisors.*64 They’re prepared to guide you through the scary moments so you’re not alone. Whether it’s a crash, CPR or another emergency, we’ll send help and stay on the line until First Responders arrive.

[The Advisor] told me I had been in an accident and said they were calling an ambulance and the police. It made me feel better that there was someone there to make sure I was OK.
Thea C.OnStar Member
Who’s Behind the Button?

You know them as the friendly voices behind the button. Now go behind the scenes to learn more about our Advisors.

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Be Safe Out There™ — a simple phrase that means so much to OnStar Advisors. From assisting during emergencies to helping authorities recover stolen vehicles, our Advisors are committed to the safety and security of our Members.