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Busy Family Navigates Life — with a Little Help

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Turn-by-Turn Navigation helps a busy family navigate through life. Read more.

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Turn-by-Turn Navigation helps a busy family navigate through life. Read more.

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Like nearly every young family in America, the Turoviches of Rochester Hills, Mich., are busy. Jami and Nick both work full-time outside their home. Nick also travels for his job, sometimes as far as China. Eleven-year-old twins Caleb and Keagan play hockey, while 7-year-old Kennedy is involved in gymnastics and soccer.

“We’re on the run quite a bit,” Jami says. “People ask me, ‘How do you do it?’ It’s hard to juggle it all. But you do whatever you can to make the best of it. You try not to stress out about the little things.”

OnStar helps relieve stress, Jami says, with services like Turn-by-Turn Navigation*20 that take less effort and are less distracting when she has a carload of kids. “The Turn-by-Turn Navigation is great. You give OnStar the location or address and they send the directions to the navigation system. If I’m in a hurry, it’s much easier.”

This family’s secret weapon

The Turoviches, who live 30 minutes north of Detroit, spend a lot of time on the road visiting family. Jami’s parents and grandparents have homes in Florida, while Nick’s folks have a ranch in northern Michigan and a farm closer by. Jami’s aunt owns a campground in North Carolina as well.

The family’s first experience with OnStar happened when they were returning from Aunt Lisa’s campground in North Carolina. “A tanker exploded and police had to close I-75,” Jami recalls. “[OnStar] took us the back way to get around it so we could get back home.”

Most days, though, the Turoviches use navigation for fun activities, like getting directions to a nearby miniature golf course, adventure park or science center when they’re in Florida. Or to find a designated trail to ride motorcycles, quads or snowmobiles when they’re visiting the ranch in northern Michigan.

Going the extra mile — by caring

But what puts OnStar navigation head and shoulders above a simple GPS system is how friendly and helpful live Advisors are with every contact. “They’re so nice. That’s huge,” Jami says.

They’ve even helped with technical issues, which is especially meaningful to Jami, who admits she’s not a technically minded person. “My help desk people at work just love me! I’m probably a very frustrating person to talk to,” she laughs.

For example, OnStar Advisors helped Jami set up the vehicle mobile app*26 and worked with her to connect to the OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi® hotspot*33 so the family can stay connected on the go. She even got some assistance getting her Chevrolet Suburban’s DVD player to work.

“They worked with me,” she says. “You know that you’re going to get somebody nice at OnStar.”