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How to Make the Most of Your Wi-Fi Hotspot

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No matter where your travels take you, your Wi-Fi hotspot can help you stay connected.

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No matter where your travels take you, your Wi-Fi hotspot can help you stay connected.

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Stay connected and keep your passengers entertained with your Wi‑Fi Hotspot

You don’t have to leave behind the high-speed connectivity you enjoy at home when you’re out on the road. With a paid data plan, your vehicle’s available built-in Wi-Fi® Hotspot*33 can allow passengers to use up to seven devices to stream movies, download games, surf the web, post on social media and even video chat, all while on the go.

To help you hit the ground running, below are some tips and answers to common questions about how to use your available built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot.

First things first: to use the hotspot in your vehicle, you’ll need a paid data plan — check out plans and pricing here. You may also be eligible for a free trial of OnStar and Connected Services.*71 If you have purchased a new or eligible pre-owned vehicle, push your blue OnStar button to request your free trial.

With that out of the way, managing your hotspot is easy. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Download the myChevrolet, myBuick, myGMC or myCadillac Mobile App*26 to set up and manage your vehicle’s available built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot. You can also configure the hotspot through your vehicle’s touch-screen by selecting “Wi-Fi Settings” within the vehicle’s settings menu, or by visiting Owner Center.
  2. Pick your network name, also known as an SSID. It can be as descriptive or as fun as you want. Then pick a password to help keep your hotspot secure.
  3. Go to the Wi-Fi settings menu on your phone, tablet or other device. Select the name you chose for your Wi-Fi Hotspot, enter your password and you’ll be connected to the network.

That’s it! Once you’ve set up your hotspot, you and your passengers will be ready to stay connected, whether you’re on the ultimate road trip, or just running to the corner store.

Ready to try data for yourself? Push your blue OnStar button and ask an Advisor to start your trial or add data to your existing plan, or visit Owner Center.

Time for some FAQs

Q. Where can I use it?
A. Almost anywhere! Check out the coverage map for specifics.

Q. Why is this better than using my phone?
A. The available built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot provides a better in-vehicle experience than your smartphone. Our stronger signal means you have a fast and reliable connection. You can also connect a laptop or tablet so you’ve got a bigger screen, and your passengers can use the hotspot while you’re driving — ideal for road trips. Plus, because the signal works up to 50 feet away from the vehicle, it’s also great for tailgating, camping or other situations when the vehicle is parked (vehicle must be on or in the accessory position for Wi-Fi to function).

Q. How many devices can connect at once?
A. Up to seven devices can use your available built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot at the same time.

Q. What else can I do with the service?
A. With the available built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot, you can also take advantage of built-in apps*25 through your vehicle’s available infotainment system, in eligible model-year 2017 and newer GM vehicles. For instance, you can stream music through Spotify*50 or iHeartRadio,*54 get the latest updates from the NPR One App*52 or Fox Sports,*47 and more. Learn more about in‑vehicle apps here.

Q. How much does the data plan cost?
A. There are a number of different plans depending on how much data you’ll need. Check out plans and pricing.