OnStar has worked with first responders for more than 20 years to help keep communities safer and more secure

Whether it’s working together to get help to the scene of a crash*16 or helping locate a stolen vehicle,*18 OnStar and the public safety community have a long and enduring relationship that has helped save countless lives. Though first responders have some of the most difficult and dangerous jobs out there, we still count on them to be there at the worst times. It’s a sacrifice and commitment few could make, and a debt the rest of us can never truly repay.

Supporting Public Safety Professionals

At OnStar, we’ve never forgotten what these heroes do to protect us every single day, and we are committed to supporting them. This includes:

  • Holding OnStar Emergency Services & Security training sessions for first responders to keep them updated on OnStar’s capabilities and technologies
  • Working with public safety organizations to better streamline and optimize calls from Members so first responders can arrive at the scene quickly
  • Providing discounts to public safety professionals for OnStar and other GM products and services

You’ll find more information below about how OnStar helps support public safety professionals.