Get your vehicle back quickly and safely.

If you ever have your car stolen, OnStar security features give you the power to fight back.

How to Access Security Services

Call OnStar (1.888.4.ONSTAR)

  • Report your vehicle stolen

Stolen Vehicle Assistance4

If your vehicle is stolen, OnStar can use GPS to pinpoint it and help authorities quickly recover it. On many models, an Advisor can send a signal to slow the vehicle or prevent it from restarting.

Remote Ignition Block™
Thieves won't get far with Remote Ignition Block.™ Once a vehicle has been reported stolen, OnStar can send a remote signal that blocks the engine from starting. When a thief tries to restart it, he may think he's made a clean getaway, but he’s not going anywhere.

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown®
OnStar can send a Stolen Vehicle Slowdown® signal to help authorities recover your vehicle and reduce high- speed pursuits. Once the police confirm that conditions are safe, we can send a signal that gradually slows the vehicle. The police can move in quickly, and it won’t be long before you’re headed out in your recovered car.

Theft Alarm Notification26
This new feature gives you extra peace of mind every time you lock* your vehicle’s doors. If your car alarm sounds, OnStar will notify you immediately by text27, email, or phone call (your choice) to quickly and safely recover your vehicle. After you report your vehicle as stolen, contact an OnStar Advisor for Stolen Vehicle Assistance.

Want to learn more about Theft Alarm Notification?


Theft Alarm Notifications are sent only to you. OnStar does not notify police of a Theft Alarm Notification; that is up to you in your discretion. The Theft Alarm Notification service may alert you to a theft in progress. Always use caution and good judgment. Do not approach the vehicle unless you are certain the situation is safe. Your vehicle’s electrical systems and your smartphone (or other device) must be operative and sending/receiving data via wireless services and GPS satellite signals for the Theft Alarm Notification service to function properly. OnStar is not responsible for the acts of third-parties. This service is subject to OnStar Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement. Not available for fleet and rental account vehicles.

Theft Alarm Notification is available for most vehicles 2014 and newer. Check your vehicle capability here.

Theft Alarm Notification is available for the following vehicles:

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