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Tell Me What Happened: An OnStar Podcast
Listen to real stories of people helping people in distress

OnStar® knows the value of human connection — it’s the core of how we have helped our Members for more than 25 years. That’s why we’re sharing the real, emotional stories of people who stepped up to help others in a time of need. Listen to these stories in the new podcast Tell Me What Happened.

Stream the show at the links below, then scroll down for even more information in our episode guide, which includes show notes and transcripts of each episode.


Episode Guide

All you need to know about every episode of Tell Me What Happened

  • Season 1 Trailer | 11.15.21

    Get a sneak preview of the first season of Tell Me What Happened. Listen now.

  • Episode 1: An Epic River Journey Proves Too Painful | 11.29.21

    With her cross-continental kayak trip facing setback after setback, a young woman must make the toughest decision of her life. Listen and read the full episode guide.

  • Episode 2: A New Kidney and a Big Surprise | 12.13.21

    A retired police officer in rural Alabama was running out of time for a life-saving kidney transplant and his only hope was a stranger. Well, not exactly a stranger. Listen and read the full episode guide.

  • Episode 3: A Mother’s Intuition Leads to Rescue | 01.03.22

    The Pacific Crest Trail is a challenge for those who are determined to push their limits. For some, it can be a life-or-death experience. Listen and read the full episode guide.

  • Episode 4: A Helping Hand When a Winter Road Trip Goes Awry | 01.17.22

    A military family driving to Alaska got stranded in a remote part of northern Canada in the middle of winter. Luckily, another member of the armed forces swooped in to save the day. Listen and read the full episode guide.

  • Episode 5: With Floodwaters Rising, Help Swoops In | 01.31.22

    When a flash flood hit the town of Waverly, Tennessee, all Debra Ashton could do was pray. As she and other residents stood atop buildings watching the rising waters, a helicopter pilot answered their plea for help. Listen and read the full episode guide.

  • Episode 6: They Nearly Drowned, Then Fell in Love | 02.14.22

    When a relaxing swim turned dangerous, one woman was grateful for help that sparked a life-changing romance. Listen and read the full episode guide.

  • Episode 7: Trapped by Fire, He Texts Goodbye | 02.28.22

    When a man driving through the mountains is caught in a forest fire, he only has a minute to write a goodbye text to his mother. Listen and read the full episode guide.

Meet Our Host

Dr. Torah Kachur is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Radio One National Science columnist and contract lecturer at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. She received her PhD from the University of Alberta in the wonderfully irrelevant field of worm anatomy and molecular genetics. Each week on CBC, Torah explains the latest and greatest science news stories and gets to talk about everything from white blood cells to black holes. Torah has produced and hosted national radio shows such as the 10-part series called What a Waste, other specials on the science of time, programs on the science of food and anything else that strikes her fancy. She is now the passionate and adventurous host of Tell Me What Happened.