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Episode 1: 12 Hours Trapped in Quicksand
A couple went hiking in Zion National Park on Valentine’s Day, only to get stuck in quicksand on the trail. Luckily, a park ranger answered their call for help.
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It wasn’t the first time Ryan Osmun had been hiking in a national park, nor was it the first time he had hiked during the winter. Ryan knew what equipment to take and packed accordingly. As a photographer, he enjoys hiking trails when they’re less populated. But he never expected to find himself or his girlfriend stuck on the trail, literally. A desperate phone call for help brought lifesaving assistance.

We also speak to Faris “Faz” Ali, deputy station officer of Bay Search and Rescue, about how to look for signs of quicksand and what to do if you find yourself sinking in a beach or riverbed or if your vehicle or ATV gets stuck.


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About this episode’s guests

Ryan Osmun
Ryan is a lifestyle photographer with a love for hiking and being outdoors.

Tim Knaus
Tim is a law enforcement ranger, medic, wildland and structural firefighter, technical rope rescue instructor, stock use instructor, and search and rescue team member for the National Park Service in Yosemite National Park. He has worked for the National Park Service since 2004 and has assisted in more than 200 rescues in his career in parks such as Zion, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Haleakalā and Kaloko-Honokōhau.

Faris “Faz” Ali
Faz is the deputy station officer at Bay Search and Rescue in the United Kingdom. The team specializes in rescuing people, animals and vehicles from the quicksands of Morecambe Bay. They provide 24/7 year-round support to the Coastguard, police, fire and rescue service, ambulance service, and Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. Bay Search and Rescue further specializes in wildfire, flood and snow rescue, and drone operations support.

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