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Episode 2: R U OK? Virtual Friend Saves Gamer’s Life
Like many teenagers, Aidan Jackson enjoys playing video games and has made friends from around the globe. He had no idea one of these friends would end up saving his life.
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A seizure can happen anywhere at any time. It just so happened that when Aidan Jackson suffered a seizure there was no one there to witness it or call for help. But there was someone 5,000 miles away — another gamer who he had been talking to online. Raven Wolvesbane realized Aidan was having a seizure and quickly set to work trying to figure out how to send First Responders to his home. The only problem: she was in Texas and he was in England.

We also speak with Dr. Kelli Dunlop, a psychologist who specializes in the relationships built through gaming, and discuss why online friendships are commonly misunderstood.


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About this episode’s guests

Aidan Jackson
Aidan, also known online as Aidan Jackson BCyA, is an avid fundraiser and photographer from Halton, United Kingdom. His life goal is to help make people’s lives better any way he can.

Raven Wolvesbane
Raven’s hobbies include art, horseback riding, gaming, dinosaurs and horror movies.

Dr. Kelli Dunlop
Kelli Dunlop, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist, game designer, and educator with a passion for all things games and mental health. She currently works at Take This, a gaming and mental health nonprofit, as the associate director of Community Programming. She is also a licensed and practicing therapist who teaches game design at American University’s Game Center. Her research for the past 10 years has focused on the intersection of games and mental health with a focus on the use of games in therapeutic settings, as well as the portrayal of mental illness in games.

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