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OnStar Celebrates Firefighters Who Answer the Call

May 04, 2022

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OnStar Celebrates Firefighters Who Answer the Call
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On International Firefighters’ Day, and all year long, we’re sharing the stories of the heroic First Responders who help keep our communities safer every day
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Whether it’s a small kitchen fire or a fully engulfed structure, or a fender bender or a car sinking into a river, firefighters respond to it all, selflessly rushing toward dangerous and unpredictable situations to help protect their communities. To mark International Firefighters’ Day, celebrated annually on May 4, we’re highlighting the heroism and bravery exhibited by these First Responders.

At OnStar, we value our relationships with First Responders across the country as we work to provide added peace of mind to Members. That’s why we spent time with folks from a variety of firehouses to hear their stories firsthand, in their own words. Firefighters, EMTs, engineers, chiefs and everyone in between — each person in a firehouse plays a crucial role in keeping both their fellow firefighters and those in the surrounding area safer.

Hear their stories below, and then tell us what being a firefighter means to you
Tell your story, in your own words

We’re looking for even more stories. If you’re a current, former or retired firefighter, click or tap the button below for a chance to tell us what it means to serve your community.