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OnStar and Connected Services help you get the most out of your vehicle with safety, security and the seamless experience of a completely connected drive. 


More Confidence, More Connectivity

There’s something to meet the needs of every driver and their family — safety, security, even in-vehicle Wi-Fi plans. Upgrade your drive and get the safety and connection you and your passengers deserve.

Included with vehicle purchase
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    Monitors your vehicle’s key operating systems and provides you with regular updates about your vehicle’s health.
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    Your vehicle can notify your preferred Dealer when routine service is due.
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    With your vehicle mobile app, stay connected to your vehicle, your preferred Dealer, your rewards and special offers. Standard connectivity enables features like Smart Driver and Roadside Assistance. Upgrade to a paid plan for Remote Key Fob and much more.
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    Gain insight on your driving behavior, which can help improve your driving skills.

There are also a variety of stand-alone plans and services to create your own combination.

  • Get unlimited access to in-vehicle data that can power up to 7 devices. Stream, surf and play with fast, reliable Wi-Fi®.

    BUY NOW $25.00/mo
  • With your vehicle mobile app, you can start your engine, check your fuel level and tire pressure, save and set radio station favorites, and much more. 

    BUY NOW $14.99/mo
  • Take your favorite streaming content and bring a fully embedded navigation experience on every commute. Get it all from Spotify, Pandora, The Weather Channel, real-time traffic updates with Maps+ and Connected Navigation and more. Access it all from your touchscreen — or simply ask Alexa.

    BUY NOW $14.99/mo
  • With the OnStar Guardian™ app, key OnStar safety services can go anywhere that you or your loved ones go — in or out of any vehicle. Access all that the Guardian app has to offer — help in a crash, Roadside Assistance and a 24/7 connection to Emergency-Certified Advisors. Subscribe to the app today and get up to 3 months on us.*119

    LEARN MORE $15.00/mo
  • Get cutting-edge convenience with Super Cruise. You can travel on over 200,000 miles of compatible roads in the U.S. and Canada with the confidence that comes from an innovative Driver Attention System.

    BUY NOW $25.00/MO
Get hands-free help with Google built-in compatibility

A helpful, personalized and simplified way to enhance your in-vehicle experience.


A recent reclassification of our services may increase or decrease the taxes and fees associated with your plan(s) upcoming account billing. To see if these changes impact you, review your account billing by visiting the Payments and History section on your GM Account